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The specific deterrence of administrative per se laws in reducing drunk driving recidivism.
20090527 ST [electronic version only]
McArthur, D.L. & Kraus, J.F.
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Vol. 16 (1999), Supplement 1, p. 68-75, 19 ref.

Samenvatting The objective of this study was to determine if administrative per se laws are more effective than other forms of sanction against drunk drivers. The overall goal of the search strategy was to identify all relevant research concerning the specific effects of administrative per se laws in reducing drunk driving recidivism, traffic crashes, and other alcohol-related driving offenses by those drivers with suspended licenses. The study concluded that administrative per se laws governing license restriction for drivers have been shown to be effective in some states but not others in decreasing the rates at which these same drivers are subsequently involved in a motor vehicle crash or in another alcohol-related offense, compared with drivers who were sanctioned through other conventional judicial processes. Replications are needed in other states or large driver populations using improved methodology. (Author/publisher)
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