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Problems for vulnerable road users in Great Britain, The Netherlands and Sweden.
20081275 ST [electronic version only]
Tight, M.R. Carsten, O.M.J. & Sherborne, D.
Leeds, University of Leeds, Institute for Transport Studies ITS, 1989, 26 p., 5 ref.; ITS Working Paper ; 291 - ISSN 0142-8942

Samenvatting The aim of this report is to compare the findings of previous research which examined the problems faced by vulnerable road users (VRUs) in Britain, the Netherlands and Sweden, and in one city from each of those countries, namely Bradford, Groningen and Växjö. This report is split into two main sections, the first of which examines comparisons of safety and mobility at the national level, and the second examines such comparisons at the local (city) level. The analyses undertaken in this report concerning the national level are largely based upon published information, while at the local level, due mainly to the lack of any regularly published information, a number of special tabulations have been made. The information given in the tables is for the most up-to-date year available. (Author/publisher)
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