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Evaluation of road infrastructure redesign and ADAS applications for traffic safety.
20072382 ST [electronic version only]
Lu, M. Heijden, R. van der & Wevers, K.
Journal of Grey System, Vol. 7 (2004), No. 2 (December), p. 121-131, 29 ref.

Samenvatting In the end of 1990’s, Dutch road infrastructure redesign programmer was launched for improving traffic safety. In the mean time the ongoing development in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) seems to offer viable alternatives. These strategies are not only to a large extent substitutes, but also partly complementary. A notorious problem is the ex-ante evaluation of these strategies. This paper determines strategical traffic safety scenarios, reviews some of the evaluation methods most commonly used in transportation research, and presents Grey Relational Analysis (GRA), a normalization based method, which provides a simple and transparent calculation procedure from which a clear-cut ranking order of strategies derives. The application of GRA to the above mentioned evaluation problem is addressed, and some preliminary results are provided, especially sensitivity analysis is discussed. (Author/publisher)
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