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The reliability of ABS and airbag systems with respect to periodic testing : a cost benefit analysis. Prepared for the International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA).
20070488 ST [electronic version only]
Bartlett, R.S. Simmons, I.C.P. & Smith, T.L.
Crowthorne, Berkshire, Transport Research Laboratory TRL, 2002, 11 p., 7 ref.; Unpublished Project Report ; No. UPR PR/SE/439/02

Samenvatting A study of the reliability of vehicle electronic systems fitted to passenger cars has been completed. Data was collected from the UK, Germany and Sweden. Studies to develop potential periodic testing for ABS and airbags have also been completed. This report describes a cost benefit analysis to determine the potential benefits of introducing such tests on the consequences of failures. This includes potential benefits in reducing the number of roadside breakdowns and severity of road traffic accidents. Whilst most of the data has been provided by the UK, the results have been considered on a broader European perspective. (Author/publisher)
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