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Evaluation of left turn solutions at urban intersections.
B 21007 (In: B 20971) /82 /85 / IRRD 265003
Riediger, G.O. & Zimmerman, G.
In: Seminar on short-term and area-wide evaluation of safety measures, Amsterdam, April 19-21, 1982, p. 266-272, 5 graph.

Samenvatting The federal transport and road research institute (bast) has supported and furthered the development of methods to analyse specific traffic situations, devise and select countermeasures and evaluate their effectiveness in the traffic safety context. The research led to the discovery of a need of evaluating instruments by which reliable results can be found economically and within a short period of time. Therefore the interest is focused on the development of an operable traffic conflict technique, in particular also within the frame of the methodological considerations on the removal of accident black spots. A comprehensive model study employing specifically developed methods of analysis and evaluation is being carried out in hamburg to examine systematically and comprehensively the solutions to left turns applied on 60 intersection approaches. The basic problems with/without and before/after studies involved are presented and discussed by means of situation studies, estimates of effectiveness and its control, once measures are put into operation. For the covering abstract of the conference see IRRD abstract no 264967.
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