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Drunk driving, sensation seeking, and egocentrism among adolescents.
20062229 ST [electronic version only]
Arnett, J.
Personality and Individual Differences, Vol. 11 (1990), No. 6, p. 541-546, 30 ref.

Samenvatting Drunk driving behavior among one hundred and eighty one 17- and 18-yr-old males was investigated for its relation to sensation seeking and to egocentrism. Drunk driving was significantly related to the total score on the Sensation Seeking Scale, and to the Thrill and Adventure Seeking, Disinhibition, and Boredom Susceptibility subscales. Concerning the relation between drunk driving and egocentrism, those who had driven while drunk were significantly less likely to expect that drunk driving would result in an automobile accident or an arrest for driving while under the influence of alcohol, compared to boys who had not driven while drunk. They also estimated the percentage of their peers who had driven while drunk as higher, compared to other boys. No relationship was found between drunk driving and knowing someone who had been killed or injured by a drunk driver. (Author/publisher)
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