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Taming the road warrior : can aggressive driving be curbed?
20061506 ST [electronic version only]
Goehring, J.B.
Denver, CO, National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), 1997, 14 p., 25 ref.; Transportation Series No. 7 - ISSN 1086-8658

Samenvatting Dangerous driving behaviors are becoming more common on roads and causing concern for citizens, safety advocates, law enforcement and policymakers. This phenomenon, known as aggressive driving - or road rage, in its most extreme form - presents a challenge to state legislators who are worried about traffic safety. Recent surveys show that drivers in some areas fear aggressive drivers more than drunk drivers. And the number of incidents of aggressive driving continues to increase every year. This report presents an overview of aggressive driving, the ways it can be defined and several approaches to the problem. Psychologists and mental health professionals suggest a number of causes of the behavior as well as solutions. Law enforcement efforts seek to target aggressive drivers and strictly enforce traffic violations with positive results. Citizens groups are forming to call for education, awareness and answers to the issue. State legislators in Maryland and Virginia this year grappled with bills aimed at curbing aggressive drivers. (Author/publisher)
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