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Cannabis, alcohol and driving : effects on selected closed-course tasks.
B 20940 (In: B 19594) /83.4/ IRRD 261065
Attwood, D.A. Williams, R.D. McBurney, L.J. & Freeker, A.C.
In: Proceedings 8th international Conference on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety, Stockholm, June 15-19, 1980, p. 938-953, 1 fig., 7 graph., 1 tab., 13 ref.

Samenvatting Eight male volunteers participated in a closed-course driving experiment to determine the effects of moderate levels of marihuana and alcohol, alone and in combination, on driving behaviour in four separate tasks. Data indicated that vehicle handling was adversely affected by each of the drug conditions and that the different drug conditions affected different aspects of driving behaviour. Results are discussed in terms of the potential for online identification of abnormal driving behaviour using multivariate selection criteria.
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