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Can speeding be justified? Paper presented at the Aggressive Driving Issues Conference, October 16th to November 30th, 2000.
20061491 ST [electronic version only]
Redshaw, S.
Downsview, Ontario Ministry of Transportation, 2000, 10 p., 11 ref.

Samenvatting A qualitative analysis of letters to the editor on reactions to the policing of speeding suggests that the definition of "good driving" prevailing in Australian society reflects male values. Young men tend to see themselves as far superior in handling motor vehicles than women. The fact that women do have a better safety record (lower crash, injury, and violation rates) appears to only encourage the idea that women are inferior. This attitude indicates that, for young men, good driving is strongly equated with riskier practices--pushing the vehicle to its limits, being able to manoeuvre at high speeds, and getting ahead of the traffic. The letter writers seem unaware that one reason speed limits are necessary and should be enforced is precisely because of the variation in driving skill levels. The author argues that more efforts are required to obtain greater community acceptance of the need for regulations, especially speed limits. (Author/publisher)
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