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The determination of drugs in blood of suspected drunken drivers by means of radioimmunoassay (RIA).
B 20909 (In: B 19594) /83.4/ IRRD 259929
Arnold, W. & Brinkmann, B.
In: Proceedings 8th international Conference on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety, Stockholm, June 15-19, 1980, p. 506-511, 3 tab., 6 ref.

Samenvatting A 1978 sample of 10000 cases of suspected drinking drivers was checked for cases showing discrepancies between the level of blood alcohol and the degree of drunkenness evaluated clinically. Blood samples of those individuals were selected that were exhibiting obviously high degrees of drunkenness whilst alcohol concentrations in the samples were below the level of 1 G % per thousand. These samples were subjected to various radioimmunoassays. In order to have a chance to perform further control tests, and in relevant cases, to perform the radioimmunoassay for certain drugs it is necessary to have a blood sample.
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