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Veilige schoolomgeving en zone 30 : van verkeersveiligheid naar verkeersleefbaarheid.
20051732 a7 ST (In: ST 20051732 [electronic version only])
Mol, J. Dhollander, T. & Lauwers, D.
In: Duurzame mobiliteit : hot or not ? : 32ste Colloquium Vervoersplanologisch Speurwerk CVS : bundeling van bijdragen aan het colloquium gehouden te Antwerpen, 24 en 25 november 2005, deel 1, p. 121-133, 5 ref.

Samenvatting In Belgium is an area 30 obliged for all school surroundings. The intention is to increase the road safety and raise movement liveability in the school surroundings. The remarkable urban and spatial planning in Belgium causes a lot of safety problems: the entrance of the schools is not always situated in residence areas. The school entrance is sometimes situated on main roads with heavy and fast traffic. Some road administrators interpret the school surroundings very limit and opt to give an area 30 an area of a hundred to meter around the school entrance. Others are in favour of variable speed limits. The proposition of the authors is that the school surroundings can be used as a lever used to change residence areas in homogeneous area 30. (Author/publisher)
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