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The handbook of road safety measures.
20041197 ST
Elvik, R. & Vaa, T. (eds.)
Amsterdam [etc.], Elsevier, 2004, XI + 1078 p., 2634 ref. - ISBN 0-08-044091-6

Samenvatting Road safety can be improved. This book tells you how to do it. It is a catalogue of more than 100 road safety measures whose effect have been evaluated and quantified in studies made all over the world. The results of more than 1,700 road safety evaluation studies are summarised in this book. The book covers the whole spectrum of road safety measures, ranging from highway engineering and traffic control, through vehicle design, driver training, public information campaigns and police enforcement. Part I: Introduction. Background and Guide to Readers, Literature survey and meta-analysis, Factors Contributing to Road Accidents, Basic Concepts of Road Safety Research, Assessing the Quality of Evaluation studies, The Contribution of Research to Road Safety Policy-Making. Part II: General-Purpose Policy Instruments. Part III: Specific Traffic Safety Measures. Road Design and Road Furniture, Road Maintenance, Traffic Control, Vehicle Design and Protective Devices, Vehicle and Garage Inspection, Driver Training and Regulation of Professional Drivers, Public Education and Information, Police Enforcement and Sanctions. Part IV: Vocabulary and Index. (Author/publisher) The Handbook has also been published in Spanish, Russian, Finnish, and Norwegian. A revised English edition has been published in 2009 (see ST 20100161).
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