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Trøtte typer på tur : trøtthet og innsovning bak rattet : erfaring, kunnskap og atferd blant yrkesførere og privatbilister = Driver fatigue and falling asleep : experience, knowledge and conduct among private drivers and professional drivers.
20040886 ST [electronic version only]
Nordbakke, S.
Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics TOI, 2004, X + 105 p., 13 ref.; TOI Report ; No. 706/2004 - ISSN 0802-0175 / ISBN 82-480-0413-9

Samenvatting The Norwegian Centre for Transport Research has released a report that evaluates drivers' experience, knowledge, and action in relation to fatigue and falling asleep while driving. According to the report, sleepiness and falling asleep are widespread among drivers, who have knowledge of the problem; however, few act in accordance with their knowledge. A summary of the report is in English. (Author/publisher)
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