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Vulnerable road users : report on the knowledge base for an effective policy to promote the safe mobility of vulnerable road users.
20031566 ST [electronic version only]
Methorst, R.
Rotterdam, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Transport Research Centre TRC-AVV, 2003, 196 p., 29 ref.

Samenvatting The report describes the state of the art of knowledge on vulnerable road users. The report is written as a reference book on this issue. The first three chapters deal with the reasons for the project, the aims and the questions and the project in a birds' eye view. In the 4th chapter the context of the project is described: which persons are vulnerable, what do we know about the issue en what theoretical framework is used within the project. In the 5th chapter the results of the project are presented. In this chapter one can find indications of the nature, scale and seriousness of the problems, the causal factors (mechanisms), quality needs, present policy approach and countermeasures, trends in the social position of the various vulnerable groups and the degree to which the problem will increase/decrease and the consequences. In the last chapter conclusions and policy recommendations are drawn for the situation in The Netherlands. (Author/publisher) For the Dutch report see http://www.rws-avv.nl/pls/portal30/docs/6595.PDF
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