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Fact Sheet Vulnerable Road Users : reduced mental capabilities.
20031296 ST [electronic version only]

Rotterdam, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Transport Research Centre TRC-AVV, 2003, 7 p.; Fact sheet Vulnerable Road Users 18

Samenvatting People with reduced mental capabilities here refers to people with a mental disability (a low IQ) as well as people suffering from a chronic or temporary disorder which makes them less capable of observing, processing information and taking decisions related to participating in traffic and which make them unpredictable to other road users. People with reduced mental capabilities are often not capable of judging the traffic situation and often cannot respond adequately to the traffic. This makes their behaviour in traffic, if they are capable of taking part in traffic at all, particularly prone to errors and makes them less resilient and largely dependent on help from other people. (Author/publisher)
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