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Fact Sheet Vulnerable Road Users : 18-25 year olds.
20031292 ST [electronic version only]

Rotterdam, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Transport Research Centre TRC-AVV, 2003, 8 p.; Fact sheet Vulnerable Road Users 14

Samenvatting The 18-25 year old age group includes all traffic participants, irrespective of the mode of transport. The risk of an accident per kilometre travelled is greater in this age group than in any other. The risk is this high due to physical and mental immaturity. This brings with it: A high level of risk acceptance; Over-estimation of own skill and underestimation of the complexity of the road situation; Routines which are prone to error and executed too slowly; High exposure: young people mainly drive at times when it is also more risky for more experienced drivers (e.g. at night during weekends); Mental overload due to the complexity and volume of information which has to be processed during the trip; Life-style of young people; looking for excitement; not wanting to be outdone; desire to conform to the peer group (friends). (Author/publisher)
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