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Fact Sheet Vulnerable Road Users : primary school: upper junior school.
20031288 ST [electronic version only]

Rotterdam, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Transport Research Centre TRC-AVV, 2003, 8 p.; Fact sheet Vulnerable Road Users 10

Samenvatting This group covers children in the age range 9-12 years, or classes 6 to 8 in Dutch junior schools. [Tr. note: the classification will vary in other countries, e.g. in the UK infants school is age 5-7 and junior school is age 7-11, both groups come under the heading of primary school .] As children get older so their action radius and independence grows. What makes children in the 9-12 year age group vulnerable? They are unprotected in traffic as pedestrians or cyclists. They are not yet physically and mentally developed, nor are they capable of dealing with the dynamics of the traffic, except in highly protective situations, e.g. pedestrian priority areas. They are smaller than adults and easily overlooked. They behave in unpredictable (Author/publisher)
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