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Fact Sheet Vulnerable Road Users : pedestrians.
20031284 ST [electronic version only]

Rotterdam, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Transport Research Centre TRC-AVV, 2003, 11 p.; Fact sheet Vulnerable Road Users 01

Samenvatting A pedestrian refers to a person who travels about on foot in public areas, i.e. without the use of a wheeled vehicle. A pedestrian may make use of walking aids, such as a walking stick, a white stick for the visually impaired, a rollator or a walking frame. A pedestrian may also have with them a trolley, shopping bag on wheels or a child’s pram, etc. This definition does not cover people who use a wheelchair or move about on skates. The pedestrian is unprotected in traffic. In a collision with a vehicle the pedestrian will always be the weakest party at most risk of injury or death. However, because of their low mass and speed (can easily change direction or stop) the pedestrian can take avoidance action relatively easily. (Author/publisher)
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