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A motivational model of driving anger and aggression.
20020828 ST [electronic version only]
Neighbors, C. Vietor, N.A. & Knee, C.R.
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 28 (2002), No. 3, p. 324-335, 57 ref.

Samenvatting This article proposed a motivational model of driving anger and aggression, derived from self-determination theory, suggesting that trait motivation affects motivation in specific driving situations, which in turn predicts driving anger and subsequent aggression. Individuals higher in controlled orientation were predicted to experience more feelings of pressure and ego-defensiveness while driving, leading to more anger and aggression. Participants included 111 individuals who kept structured daily records of all instances in which they experienced driving anger throughout a 10-day period. Participants reported experiencing anger on slightly more than a daily basis, on average, and responding with varying levels of aggression. Results provided strong support for the authors' motivational framework suggesting that individuals who generally feel controlled tend to experience more pressure and ego-defensiveness, which leads to more anger and aggression while driving. (A)
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