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Attitudes and experiences of people who use cannabis and drive : implications for drugs and driving legislation in Victoria, Australia.
20020370 ST [electronic version only]
Lenné, M.G. Fry, C.L.M. Dietze, P. & Rumbold, G.
Drugs: Education, Prevention & Policy, Vol. 8 (2001), No. 4 (November), p. 307-313, 24 ref.

Samenvatting This paper describes a study that was conducted in Melbourne to examine the attitudes of cannabis users to proposed changes to the drugs and driving legislation in Victoria, Australia. The frequency with which young cannabis users drive while affected by cannabis was also examined. A pilot survey of 67 young cannabis users was conducted in which participants were questioned about their patterns of cannabis and alcohol use and driving, and their attitudes towards driving while intoxicated. A large portion of the sample indicated that they perceived cannabis to be a safe drug for driving. These cannabis users do regularly drive while impaired by cannabis, and around half of the sample reported that their cannabis use and driving patterns would not change when proposed changes to the drugs and driving legislation were introduced. In light of the pending legislative change in Victoria in the area of drugs and driving, such as the introduction of roadside testing procedures, further road safety educative initiatives are required that highlight the potential risks of driving while impaired by cannabis. (A)
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