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Driving and dementia : a review of the literature.
20020080 ST [electronic version only]
Lloyd, S. Cormack, C.N. Blais, K. Messeri, G. McCallum, M.A. Spicer, K. & Morgan, S.
Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 68 (2001), No. 3 (June), p. 149-156, 45 ref.

Samenvatting This study reviews literature concerning the effects of normal ageing and cognitive impairment on driving safety. The issue of dementia and driving safety is a complex one. Physicians are required by law to report any medical diagnosis, such as dementia, that may affect driving safety. Unfortunately, many health care professionals are not using reliable, valid, and sensitive tests to determine the point at which an individual with dementia becomes an unsafe driver. The DriveAble assessment (A.R. Dobbs, 1997) is the most effective driving evaluation tool to date to predict driving safety. It is concluded that health professionals need to find methods to identify at-risk drivers with dementia. Collaboration among physicians, occupational therapists, governing bodies, and clients is essential to ensure a standardised approach in addressing this issue. (A)
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