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Wadda ya mean, I can't drive? : threat to competence as a factor in drunk driving intervention.
20010878 d ST (In: ST 20010878)
Shore, E.R. & Compton, K.L.
In: Preventing drunk driving, 1998, p. 45-53, 14 ref.

Samenvatting One method of preventing drunk driving is for people around the potential driver to intervene, but while research has provided information on prevalence, types, and effects of interventions, little attention has been given to theoretical constructs that might explain the behaviour. The present study investigates the value of threat to competence as an explanatory concept. Five statements, determined to have different levels of threat to competence, were presented to college student volunteers (102 women, 99 men), who evaluated their potential effectiveness at stopping a friend from driving. As hypothesised, as level of threat increased, evaluations of effectiveness decreased. Implications for efforts to prevent drunk driving are discussed. (A)
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