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Aggressive driving and the law : a symposium, Washington, D.C., January 22-23, 1999 : summary report.
20010737 ST

Washington, D.C., U.S. Department of Transportation DOT, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA, 1999, VII + 26 + 20 p.; DOT HS 808 920

Samenvatting The symposium sought to derive action steps toward solving the problem of aggressive driving, approached from six different perspectives: (1) statutory approaches, (2) applied technology, (3) charging decisions, (4) sentencing strategies, (5) community leadership, and (6) enforcement strategies. These six categories served as topic areas for framing participant discussions and resulting recommendations developed in breakout sessions. Paper presenters reported on the results of preconference focus groups and provided background and overview information on the problem of aggressive driving. Panel presentations focused on issues, research, and approaches of other national organisations addressing driving-related issues. This Summary Report summarises the opening presentations, technical presentations, panel discussions, luncheon address, and breakout session findings and recommendations. Appendices contain the symposium agenda and a participant list. (A)
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