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Ethical challenges posed by dementia and driving.
20010703 ST [electronic version only]
Berger, J.T. & Rosner F.
Journal of Clinical Ethics, Vol. 11 (2000), No. 4 (Winter), p. 304-308, 19 ref.

Samenvatting More and more cognitively impaired elderly people operate motor vehicles. Physicians' involvement in the care of these patients has important ethical implications for the safety and well-being of the patient and of the public, the relationships the physician as with the patient and family, and the physicians' obligations to the public. Physicians are challenged to reconcile their obligations to patients with obligations to the welfare of the community. Further, some demented patients who are physically able to operate a motor vehicle, albeit with compromised skill, may not be responsible morally for their decision to continue to drive. (A)
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