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Caregivers dependent upon drivers with dementia.
20010498 ST [electronic version only]
Adler, G. Rottunda, S.J. Rasmussen, K. & Kuskowski, M.
Journal of Clinical Geropsychology, Vol. 6 (2000), No. 1 (January), p. 83-90, 16 ref.

Samenvatting This paper reports findings of a preliminary study of caregivers dependent upon drivers with dementia. Fifteen caregivers who perceived themselves as dependent upon their partner for transportation and 15 who perceived themselves as independent were surveyed. Dependent caregivers were significantly more likely to rely on the cognitively impaired driver for routine daily activities such as shopping, medical appointments, and visiting family and friends. Only 20% of the dependent caregivers believed that the driver with dementia should decrease or discontinue driving. Dependent caregivers were less likely than independent caregivers to take an active approach in encouraging driving cessation. Compared to the independent caregivers, the dependent caregivers believed that if the patient with dementia could no longer drive, it would significantly affect their quality of life. The authors discuss the issues and problems uniquely associated with the dependent caregiver. (A)
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