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Advanced driver assistance systems : system safety and driver performance. Vehicle Automation - Driver Responsibility - Provider Liability - Legal and Institutional Consequences RESPONSE Project TR4022, Deliverable D4.1.
20000617 ST
Kopf, M. Becker, S. Burns, P. Dahlman, J. Dilger, E. Johanning, T. Lindahl, L.B. Nilsson, L. Schwarzm J. & Svensson, K.
Brussels, Commission of the European Communities, Directorate General XIII, 1998, 118 p., 106 ref.

Samenvatting The RESPONSE project (Vehicle Automation - Driver Responsibility - Provider Liability - Legal and Institutional Consequences, collaborative research project within the Telematics Application Programme of the European's Fourth Framework) aims to link a user-oriented development and testing of future Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS) with legal aspects raised by examination and market introduction. This document is a part of the theoretical assessment and recommendations for system development and testing and provides an overview on concepts of system safety, driver performance, and Driver-System Interaction. Different safety concepts and analysis methods of various technological areas will be assessed. The actual status of the research in driver performance and Driver-System Interaction is described and consequences for human reliability are given. In summary, the document can be used as a basis for the derivation of consequences for theoretical assessment including the development of a draft checklist of assessment of ADAS with respect to safety and driver compatibility. (A)
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