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Roadway aggression and female drivers : an applied evaluation.
20000310 ST [electronic version only]
Hennessy, D.A. & Wiesenthal, D.L.
Toronto, York University, LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution, 1999, 29 p., 69 ref.; The LaMarsh research programme reports on violence and conflict resolution ; No. 58 - ISSN 084-9749 / ISBN 1-55014-391-3

Samenvatting Drivers completed a questionnaire assessing the likelihood of engaging in mild forms of driver aggression, the frequency of past driver violence, and a disposition toward driver stress. Both male and female drivers reported similar levels of mild driver aggression, supporting the notion that context is important in eliciting female aggression. In contrast, driver violence was more frequent among male drivers, demonstrating the relevance of behavioural form within gender linked aggression research. Suggestions for the existence of a gender difference in driver violence, but not mild driver aggression, are offered. Finally, driver stress susceptibility was linked to both mild driver aggression and driver violence. (A)
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