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Code of practice : fatigue management for commercial drivers : operating standards for work and rest in the Western Australian road transport industry.
991328 ST [electronic version only]

Perth, W.A., Western Australia Department of Transport, 1998, IV + 24 p. - ISBN 0-7307-2436-0

Samenvatting Bus and truck crashes are dangerous and costly to all road users, and fatigue contributes to a significant number of these crashes. The Western Australian government aims to reduce the impact of fatigue in the road transport industry through the introduction of a Fatigue Management System (FMS) - both employers and employees have responsibilities under this section. Expected benefits of the Fatigue Management System are fewer crashes, reduced mechanical costs and reduced insurance premiums. The System also provides a basis to discuss and negotiate with customers and clients about reasonable delivery schedules for the transport of goods. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, transport operators are already obliged to provide a safe system of work. This Code of Practice is designed to strengthen this existing obligation and to assist industry by providing standards for work and rest and a framework for developing a Fatigue Management System. Effective fatigue management that meets the needs of both the transport industry and the community requires a comprehensive but flexible system. This document covers the following areas: operating standards for work and rest; measures for the management of fatigue in a Code of Practice on Fatigue Management for Commercial Vehicle Drivers; and advice to assist organisations to meet these operating standards. This Code applies to commercial vehicle drivers, supervisors and managers, subcontractors and anyone else in a contractual relationship with a company including clients. Companies are expected to have a Fatigue Management System or documentation that demonstrates how they handle the workplace issue of fatigue. Employees also have a duty to take reasonable care of their own safety and health in the workplace, as well as that of others. It is implicit that an employee report for work rested and fit for duty. The Act treats subcontractors as employees. (A)
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