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The role of alcohol, marihuana, and other drugs in the accidents of injured drivers.
B 20067 (In: B 19637 [electronic version only]) /83.4/ IRRD 261897
Terhune, K.W. & Fell, J.C.
In: Proceedings of the twenty-fifth Conference of the American Association for Automotive Medicine (AAAM), San Francisco, California, October 1-3, 1981, p. 117-132, 1 fig., 7 tab., 15 ref.

Samenvatting A study was conducted of 497 drivers injured in a motor vehicle accident and treated at a hospital. The objectives were to determine the incidence of alcohol and other drugs in their blood systems at the time of the crash and the role that these drugs may have played in the accident. The study confirms that alcohol continues to be a major highway safety problem, and it appears that marihuana may also be a problem.
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