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Le contrôle technique des véhicules en circulation en Italie.
981611 b ST (In : ST 981611)
Ferraro, F.S.
In: Inspection technique, 1963, Aspects techniques de la sécurité routière, numero spécial Bulletin d'Information du C.I.D.I.T.V.A. No. 15, 14 p.

Samenvatting The first legislation prescribing annual inspection dates back to 1933. The Italian traffic regulations of 1959 define three sorts of inspection: annual inspections at a due date, partial or general inspections, and individual inspections. Before vehicles are allowed on the road, they must be approved as to security and noise by the Civil Motorization Inspectorate. This is done at a testing centre of the Ministry of Transport (Reparti Automobilistici Speciale - R.A.S.) where all the most efficient equipment is available. In many cases, the inspectorate officials have designed their own instruments. In addition, there are experimental centres where instruments used for inspection are regularly tested. There is a centre for photometry, one for phonometry and one for engines. After vehicles have been approved, periodical technical inspection by personnel of the General Civil Motorization Inspectorate is proceeded with in special governmental inspection stations. (A)
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