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Research of traffic accidents on Shen-Da motorway.
981324 r2 ST (In: ST 981324)
Yulong, P. Xianghai, M. & Jianmei, D.
In: Traffic congestion and traffic safety in the 21st century : challenges, innovations, and opportunities : proceedings of the conference, Chicago, Illinois, June 8-11, 1997, p. 305-311, 3 ref.

Samenvatting The subject of study of this article is the Shen-Da motorway in the People's Republic of China. First, statistics are presented and an analysis is made of the causes of the 452 traffic accidents during 1994-1995. Also included are discussions and analysis related to the effects of road conditions on traffic accidents. Second, the rate of motorway accidents on the Shen-Da motorway is compared with that in Japan and the United States. Last, research is presented on the causes of traffic accidents in Hou Yan toll-station, an accident black spot on the south end of Shen-Da motorway, and appropriate countermeasures are suggested. (A)
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