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A profile of adolescent drivers convicted of felony drunk driving.
980439 ST [electronic version only]
Eby, D.W. Hopp, M.L. & Streff, F.M.
Ann Arbor, MI, The University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute UMTRI, 1996, 30 p., 23 ref.; UMTRI Report ; No. UMTRI-96-12

Samenvatting This study investigates in case study format, all underage drivers in Michigan convicted of operating under the influence of liquor and causing a death (OUIL-death) during the two years following the enactment of this felony crime. All eight underage drivers convicted of OUIL-death were selected from the Michigan Department of State driver-record data base. Information on these cases was gathered from driving, court, and arrest records. The results showed that the drivers tended not to wear safety belts, had poor driving histories, tended to get alcohol from older friends or relatives, tended to drink beer while in their vehicles, were travelling with excessive speed prior to their crash, tended to kill a friend in the crash, and tended to take little responsibility for their actions. Results show that the underage felony drunk drivers in this study fit many characteristics of other underage drinking drivers. (Author/publisher)
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