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Automatic target acquisition Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control AICC : driver comfort, acceptance, and performance in highway traffic. Paper presented at the International Congress and Exposition, Detroit, Michigan, February 27 - March 2, 1995 and reprinted from `Human factors in vehicle design : lighting, seating and advanced electronics, SAE, SP-1088'.
962665 h ST (In: ST 962665)
Sayer, J.R. Fancher, P.S. Bareket, Z. & Johnson, G.E.
In: Recent publications related to Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control AICC research at the University of Michigan, 1996, 7 p., 3 ref.; SAE Technical Paper ; 950970

Samenvatting This study investigated levels of driver comfort and acceptance for an autonomous intelligent cruise control (AICC) system driven in an actual highway environment. Objective measures of driving performance and behaviour are compared with participants' subjective assessments when operating under manual control conventional cruise, and AICC. Included in the comparison are measures of driver velocity and braking behaviour. Participants drove at slightly higher mean velocities under the manual condition as compared with AICC. Participants applied the brakes least frequently when driving manually. Participants rated the AICC system favourably for comfort, ease of use, and convenience. However, participants did express limited concerns associated with the use of AICC. (A)
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