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The influence of intelligent cruise control ICC systems on traffic flow. Paper presented at the Advanced Vehicle Control conference AVEC, Tsukuba City, Japan, October 1994.
962665 c ST (In: ST 962665)
Fancher, P.S. & Bareket, Z.
In: Recent publications related to Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control AICC research at the University of Michigan, 1996, 6 p., 5 ref.

Samenvatting This paper discusses the impact of vehicles equipped with Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) on traffic flow and on the stability of strings of vehicles. Microscopic models for analysing traffic flow are used to differentiate between driver-control and ICC-control of the distance between vehicles. The potential for ICC systems to increase highway capacity is evaluated using simulation models of strings of vehicles. The simulation results verify analytical relationships describing the spatial (asymptotic) stability of driver-controlled and ICC-controlled strings. Vehicles equipped with headway control systems appear to have stability characteristics that will make shorter headway times feasible and eliminate stop and go driving at low speeds. (A)
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