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Public support for drunk-driving countermeasures : social policy for saving lives.
951140 ST [electronic version only]
Applegate, B.K. Cullen, F.T. Barton, S.M. Richards, P.J. Lanza-Kaduce, L. & Link, B.G.
Crime and Delinquency, Vol. 41 (1995), No. 2 (April), p. 171-190, 44 ref.

Samenvatting In recent years, calls have gone out for increased certainty and serevity of criminal punishment as a means to reduce or control drunk driving. A number of scholars, however, have suggested that alternative policies, which addresses drunk driving as a public health issue rooted in social institutions, would be more effective in reducing the prevalence of and damage done by drinking drivers. The question remains as to what approaches the public will support. Based on a community survey, this study found that he public endorsed reducing drunk driving through legal deterrence and rehabilitation, but that citizens also were willing to support serveral socially based interventions.
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