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Safety and exposure : aspects of the relationship with special attention to vulnerable road users.
942662 ST [electronic version only]
Brundell-Freij, K. & Ekman, L.
Lund, Lund University, Department of Traffic Planning and Engineering, 1992, III + 31 p., 24 ref.; Coden: LUTVDG/(TVTT-7109)/1-36/(1990) - ISSN 0346-6256

Samenvatting This is the final report from a research project "Development of a methodology for the determination of measures of exposure - especially for vulnerable road users". The aim of this work has been to examine how the relationship between flow and safety should be taken into account within traffic safety analysis. The discussion has been focused on the situation of vulnerable road users. The concept of "Number of Accidents" divided by "Exposure", called Accident rate of Risk is generally accepted among researchers and planners. The authors argue, however, in their discussion that the computation of risks and accident rates has serveral weaknesses. One is that often leads to misinterpreation of results, due to confusion between meanings of "risk", as the word "risk" also has an intuitive interpretation as danger/hazardousness (for someone involved in a certain activity). (A)
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