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Specification for alcohol ignition interlocks.
942586 ST [electronic version only]
Beirness, D.J. & Simpson, H.M.
In: Alcohol ignition interlocks : their function and role in preventing impaired driving, Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada TIRF, 1993, p. 49-75, 131 ref.

Samenvatting Three agencies have published technical specifications for alcohol ignition interlock devices; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States, the Province of Alberta, and Standards Australia. The specifications are intended to provide a set of standards that interlock devices must meet in order to be certified for use. In addition to the technical specifications, these documents provide the rationale for, as well as the purpose and principles underlying alcohol interlock technology that guided the development of the standards. This section provides an overview of the three sets of specifications in terms of (1) the perspective on the rationale for and purpose of alcohol ignition interlock technology; (2) the measurement of alcohol; (3) utility and mobility; and (4) circumvention and tampering protection. The section concludes with a comparison of the three sets of specifications.
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