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Future drunk driving deterrence strategies involving breath testing.
940471 ST [electronic version only]
Ministry of Transport, Land Transport Division
Wellington, Ministry of Transport, Land Transport Division, 1991, 29 + 20 p., 34 ref.; Discussion Document ; No. 1 - ISSN 1170-9391 / ISBN 0-477-05261-4

Samenvatting Alcohol-impaired driving is widely acknowledged as one of the most important factors working towards the unaccetably high level of damage, injury and death routinely associated with the road transport system in New Zealand. An estimated $750 million are consumed in social costs each year through the deaths and injuries associated with alcohol-impaired riving, without taking any account of the costs of property damage. The extremely large size of this problem has motivated the Government to conduct a major review of alcohol control policies. The production of this discussion document forms part of the review.
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