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Semiannual versus annual motor vehicle inspection : an evaluation of the literature and benefit-cost analysis.
B 18969 /95/ IRRD 236464
Abbene, J.J.
Charlottesville, VA, Virginia Highway and Transportation Research Council VHTRC, 1978, 38 p., graph., tab., 26 ref.

Samenvatting The purpose of this report is to provide information comparing semiannual motor vehicle inspection systems with annual inspection systems. A review of the literature dealing with the similaritites and differences between semiannual and annual programs was conducted. Some of the reports reviewed investigated the causes of motor vehicle accidents, while others examined the effect of periodic motor vehicle inspection on the mechanical condition of vehicles or vehicle accident rates. Also included were studies which examined the influence of age and mileage factors on the condition of vehicles. Generally, the literature supports an inspection system based on age and mileage factors. On the basis of the literature reviewed, a benefit-cost analysis comparing Virginia's semiannual inspection program with a theoretical annual inspection program was performed. The results showed that the annual program is more cost-beneficial, although semiannual programs may also return benefits in excess of costs to the public. /Author/
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