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Driver fatigue : a survey of northern region drivers' attitudes and reported accident behaviour.
930827 ST
Yann Campbell Hoare Wheeler Dalton, B. & Fell, D.
Rosebery, NSW, Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales RTA, Road Safety Bureau RSB, 1992, 38 + 17 p.; Consultant Report ; CR 9/92 - ISSN 0819-2243 / ISBN 0-7305-3732-3

Samenvatting This report is one of two projects undertaken by the RTA on driver fatigue issues in the Northern Region of New South Wales. The report examines the nature of a fatigue accident trip and compares it to an average long distance trip. Attitudes to driver fatigue are also investigated across fatigue accident driver and non-accident driver segments. The other project, reported upon under seperate cover, uncovers drivers' attitudes to driver fatigue in the context of driving in Northern New South Wales. These drivers were interviewed during a break from driving at a local service station.
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