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Protection of vulnerable road users in the event of a collision with a passenger car. Part II: sub-systems test method : evaluation and compatability study.
910499 b ST
Janssen, E.G. Goudswaard, A.P. Versmissen, A.C.M. & Kampen, L.T.B. van
Delft, TNO Road-Vehicles Research Institute IW TNO WT, 1990, 71 + 26 p., 3 ref.; TNO-report 754050002/II / EEC Study Contract ; ETD/89/7750/MI/28

Samenvatting The European Experimental Vehicles Committee has set up a Working Group to assess and develop methods for pedestrian protection for passenger cars. The methods are sub-systems tests to the bumper, the bonnet leading edge and the bonnet top. Test conditions appropriate for vehicle to pedestrian impacts upto 40 km/h are considered, with adjustments made to allow for the influence of the vehicles' frontal shape. Evaluation tests on the sub-systems developed by EEVC Working Group 10 have been formed to evaluate a proposed vehicle dimensions measurement method. Vehicles with extraordinary dimensions have been identified. The potential deformation space of the bonnet in a sub-systems test has been measured for these 11 vehicles. The SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research has carried out a literature review on cost and weight penalties, on conflicting requirements and on effectiveness of pedestrian protection.
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