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Drugs and driving. Information needs and requirements.
B 18494 /83/ IRRD 246788
Joscelyn, K.B Jones, R.K. Maickel, R.P. & Donelson, A.C.
Ann Arbor, MI, University of Michigan, Highway Safety Research Institute HSRI, 1979, 412 p., fig., graph., tab., ref.; UM-HSRI-79-1 / DOT HS 804 774

Samenvatting The report presents the results of a comprehensive review and analysis of the relationship between drugs (other than alcohol alone) and highway safety. The report identifies research to define the problem of drugs and driving. Epidemiologic and experimental studies are examined in the review. Also reviewed is literature on approaches to countermeasures in this area of highway safety. Methodologic issues, problem areas, and information needs in drug and driving research are extensively discussed. Conclusions and recommendations for near-term research are developed, and a systematic program of research is suggested for implementing the recommendations.
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