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Auto-onderhoud en verkeersveiligheid : zal tijdig en goed onderhoud positief bijdragen aan de verkeersveiligheid?
B 18255 T fo /95 /

Bovagblad, Vol. 39 (1978), No. 16 (8 april), p. 18-21, 5 fig., 2 tab.

Samenvatting During 1976 selected roadside inspections of 121790 motor vehicles were made by the traffic police. Of this number 630 vehicles were judged mechanically unsafe for further operation and were ordered out of service at the check point until essential repairs has been made. The vehicles were selected from passing traffic and consequently do not comprise a representative sample for the entire vehicle population of the Netherlands. However, the conclusion was made that compulsory periodic inspection in other countries results in a better mechanical condition of road vehicles thereby improving traffic safety.
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