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Recent trends in counter-measures and research concerning drinking and driving in the Netherlands. Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety, Stockholm, June 15-19, 1980.
B 18253 [electronic version only] /73/83/ IRRD 253892
Noordzij, P.C.
Voorburg, Institute for Road Safety Research SWOV, 1980, 17 p., graph., 5 ref.; R-80-34

Samenvatting Since November 1974 legislation on drinking and driving has been in force in the Netherlands. This legislation includes a statutory BAC limit of 0.5 percent, the possibility of screening with breath test tubes, and measurement of the BAC by a blood test. The introduction of the law has a clear effect on fatal accidents occurring by night, involving moving passenger cars. The effect is still evident, even 3 to 4 years after the change in the law. This effect results from a reduced alcohol consumption by motorists, which in turn, is the result of an increased risk of punishment, which the motorists have to face in case of driving after drinking. The content and intensity of publicity contributed considerably to these effects.
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