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The Hoogkerk experiment application and evaluation of an experimental traffic education program for preschool children.
B 18112 /83.5 / IRRD 253221
Rothengatter, T.
Haren, University of Groningen/Traffic Research Centre, 1980, 106 p., fig., graph., tab., 31 ref.; VK-80-08

Samenvatting The present study describes the application and evaluation of an experimental traffic education programme for preschool children. In earlier studies the development of the components are described; essentially the programme aims to teach young children a number of road crossing tasks, that are both feasible and critical in terms of safety. The programme entails a close cooperation between parents and preschool staff, with parents carrying out the practical training in traffic and preschool staff carrying out preparatory instruction with the use of audio-visual media in the classroom. In order to investigate (a) the effects of the programme's application on the traffic behaviour of young children,(b) the problems arising in the application of the programme by the parents, and (c) the willingness of the parents to take part in the programme, an experiment was carried out that involved all children in the target age group in a small town.
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