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Use of saliva in drugs and driving research.
B 17508 (In: B 17503) /83.4/ IRRD 307351
Gier, J.J. de
In: Arzt und Kraftfahrer : Probleme des Strassenverkehrs interdisziplinär dargestellt : wissenschaftliche Vorträge des Kongresses zum 70-jährigen Jubiläum des Ärztlichen Kraftfahrvereinigung Österreichs in Wien, 2-6 November 1977, 1979, p. 59-64, 3 fig., 1 graph., 1 tab.

Samenvatting In assessing driving efficiency after the taking of drugs it is in all cases essential to determine the concentration of the drug and/or the metabolites in the blood plasma before the results can be interpreted. In the case of many medicines the concentration in the saliva does not correspond to the concentration linked to blood plasma protein and usually provides a better explanation of the observed pharmacological activity of the particular drug.
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