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Suspension and revocation effects on the DUI offender.
B 17340 /83/
Hagen, R.E. McConnell, E.J. & Williams, R.L.
Sacramento California State Department of Motor Vehicles, 1980, V + 54 p., tab., ref.; CAL-DMV-RSS-80-75

Samenvatting The present study was divided into three major phases. The first compares the driving records of first, second, and third-plus offenders on their ability to avoid (survive) subsequent DUI reconviction and accident involvement. The second phase involves a questionnaire survey of drivers being reinstated after completing a 12-month suspension or a 36-month revocation for multiple DUI convictions. The questions are designed to provide: 1) a description of the type of driving done during the term of the licensing action;.2) a description of alternatives to driving while under suspension or revocation, and 3) an assessment of drivers' personal reactions to the licensing action and its impact on their "way of life". Finally, the third phase assesses the incidence of driving under suspension or revocation on the basis of driver record update (reported accident, conviction, failure to appear (FTA), or failure to pay(FTP) during the term of the licensing action.
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