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Aanpak verkeersongevallen concentraties : een toelichting op de handleiding t.b.v. het verkeerstechnisch onderwijs.
B 17333 /82 / IRRD 249922

Den Haag, Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, DirectieVerkeersveiligheid, 1980, 40 p., fig., graph., tab., ref.

Samenvatting The dangers of traffic give rise to a social problem of the first order. Daily traffic accidents occur. Besides measures directed toward vehicles and road users, a great effect can be expected of measures directed toward traffic situations which are not safe. In the past road administrators have given much attention to these accident black spots and measures have already been taken, but an adequate approach is still lacking. Therefore a working group was set up to develop a manual for a systematic approach to the detection, the analysis and the attack of traffic accident concentrations or accident black spots. On the basis of methods already used by road administrators and experience gained in the netherlands and foreign countries, a manual has been drawn up. The resulting measures from this manual are an effective means in fighting the hazards of traffic. This book is an elucidation of the manual. See also IRRD 247057.
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