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Drug users and driving behaviors.
B 14915 /83.2 /83.4 /
Austin, G.A. Sterling-Smith, R.S. Macari, M.A. & Lettieri, D.J.
San Francisco, CA, National Institute on Drug Abuse, 1977, 181 p., ref.; National Institute of Drug Abuse Research Series ; No. 20 / Report Number DHEW (ADM) 77-508

Samenvatting This volume contains summaries of the latest experimental and epidemiological research on the interactions between drugs and driving behaviours. The experimental studies, which make up most of this volume, deal with the effects of drugs on cognition, co-ordination, reaction time, and other psychomoter functions, all of which are related to driving performance. The experiments at times use driving simulators and, sometimes, real driving situations; the epidemiological studies primarily deal with investigations of drug-involved auto accidents. (Author)
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