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Luxury cruise? The safety potential of advanced cruise control.
I E121404 [electronic version only] /91 /95 / ITRD E121404
Oei, H.L.
Traffic Technology International. 2003 /10/11. Pp42-7 (3 Refs.)

Samenvatting The principles of advanced cruise control (ACC) are outlined and the requirements for an ACC system are described. An intelligent cruise control system fitted in a Nissan Primera was tested on the road over a 2-week period by 10 drivers, eight of which were experts in road safety. Most test-drives were conducted on motorways during dry weather. Before driving the car, the drivers had to read the instructions concerning ACC from the handbook. The test drivers completed a survey form on the quality of the ACC system, the usability of the ACC on different road types and traffic conditions and the perceived increase or decrease of accident risk. The survey findings relating to the handbook instructions, human machine interface and driver experiences are outlined. No instructions were given regarding strong braking when approaching a slow moving vehicle with relative high speed. Location of the display on the right of the dashboard was found to be distracting. Clear information when ACC is not functioning after braking is needed. The ACC system braking was perceived to be late when approaching a slow moving vehicle.
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